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Founded on June 28th, 1928, the Actuaries Club of Philadelphia has 262 members who work for a number of life and health insurance companies, life and pension consulting firms and academic institutions in the Greater Philadelphia area.

As a non-profit professional organization, our club is dedicated to serve the following purposes:

  • to further the friendly feeling existing among local actuaries whose fields of activity or interest include, but are not limited to, life insurance, health insurance, employee benefit plans or social insurance;
  • to discuss topics of current interest with its members, and
  • to support activities which are in the interest of the actuarial profession and its members.

To help our colleagues in the actuarial profession stay up-to-date on current issues in the actuarial field, the Club holds its meetings 3 times a year. Our meetings provide a great opportunity to meet the members of the local actuarial community. Presentations encourage our members to generate discussions, to exchange ideas and to make suggestions on a variety of topics.

The believes in good faith that presentations made at our meetings constitute an Organized Activity as defined by the current Academy Qualification Standards. Please visit for further information.

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